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“Cough it up”

For all you college attendees griping about paying for your own education and the proposed tuition increases, stop crying. These increases are necessary for college operation and the ever expanding education bureaucracy. Surly you don’t expect your exalted professor to spend more of his or her own time to educate you when they have assistants to take care of the work they are paid for.

All of the college bureaucrats loudly profess to want to spend their life helping students only first they must carve out an exceptional lifetime income for themselves and are only too happy to help the student if there is anything left over. This is simply the nature of a socialist system, so get used to it. If more money is needed the easy way is to turn the student and taxpayer upside down and just shake a little harder. Remember, “It’s for the kids.” When you leave college, most of you will have over $60,000 in student loans, when your professor leaves college they will have a guaranteed lifetime income funded by your debt.

Unless you are going for a degree in Medicine, Engineering, computer science, mathematics and a few other disciplines, your chances for a good job are small. The liberal arts degrees have normally been for teachers or other government jobs but the number of graduates far exceed the number of jobs available. Fifty one percent of college graduates from 2014 and 2015 are working in jobs that do not require a college degree; did you pick the right degree or did you fall for the bureaucratic BS and get victimized by a liberal arts degree?

As far back as the 1970’s the use of the education system was set, not for the benefit of students and America, but for the government bureaucracy. In a completely unrelated study (Presidents report on marijuana use and dangers) commonly known as the “Shafer Report” is as follows, “The best example, and the one most germane to the youth, is the educational system. Two generations ago, (the 1950’s) the labor force could assimilate the large majority of the nation’s youth. Neither a high school nor a college education was prerequisite to occupational choice or achievement. Increased educational attainment was presumed to be limited to either the privileged or the able and would be rewarded by certain careers.

Today, however, the labor force grows more quickly than the system is able to assimilate it, and the educational system now serves as custodian and teacher. Although we sincerely wish to achieve the democratic ideal of a highly educated populace, we also keep our children in school as long as possible because we have nothing else for them to do. The trend is strikingly apparent even in the last 20 years.” This confession by the central government and the fact that they have exported over 30 million production jobs would suggest your liberal arts degree is just a “throw away” degree and you have been used simply to advance the educational bureaucracy jobs and incomes and the questionable benefit of your four or five years, as far back as 1969, U C President Clark Kerr warned of a PhD glut. Now, you have a large debt to eat. America’s left wants to take more money from someone else to pay your school bill or debt and would use the jack-boot of government to do for you something that if you did for yourself, you would wind up in jail. Very few people ever left college with a debt for tuition except for medicine until the central government got involved with student debt, now the cost of college and the dubious benefits have grown as have the salaries and pensions (lifetime incomes) of the government workers running the schools and teaching the classes. America, as a free society, called our government workers public servants now, while still serving, they serve themselves first with guaranteed lifetime incomes and “Cadillac healthcare” off your tuition and taxes. You are going to leave college with a degree over half of you will not be able to get a job with and a mountain of debt while the people that encouraged your to get this worthless degree leave college with a lifetime income, is this a great country or what? Big government under Obama took over the student loan process from the “Big Banks” so the fault lies with the American Left, not big business. The main focus is on teaching socialism not citizen sovereignty, don’t know what citizen sovereignty is? Thank a teacher.

In the past eight years the growth of government jobs has far outpaced the private sector and we still have over 94,000,000 Americans out of the workforce. Wages for the private sector have stagnated at about $56,000 per year while your “public servants” continue to give themselves annual pay raises and pension increases.

80% of California High School graduates that attend Cal State University Schools need remedial English and/or Math. The entire education system is a failure. The AG should look into suing the government schools for failure to deliver the product as advertised.

One need look no farther than California, the only thing left that is golden about this state is living off the taxpayer and students. The head or commissar of the University system, Janet Napolitano, has carved our several lifetime incomes at your expense which include time as governor of Arizona, and her short stint as Director of Homeland Security for the Obama Administration. As governor, she was constantly demanding that then President George Bush send troops to secure our southern border and quickly reversed fields as DHS Director, where she initiated the “catch and release” policy. True to leftist dogma and philosophy as University head, she appropriated $5 million of your tax and tuition money to give free college degrees to people in our nation illegally; they were already receiving instate tuition, thanks to the leftist legislature. Cal State University admits to 10,000 students in our nation illegally that they intend to shield from the law, essentially become pro-crime at a cost to you that averages $30,000 per student or $300,000,000 per year. Plus 10,000 real Americans are denied entry into these colleges.

Another tax and tuition gobbler is Governor Jerry Brown, who has spent a lifetime securing a number of lifetime incomes at your expense, four stints as governor, Attorney General of this state, Mayor of Oakland, now on the financial ropes but, “it’s for the kids.”

According to the Department of Education, 70% of high school graduates attend college, of that group, the bottom 40% or 200,000 students a year have only a one in three chance of completing college even after eight years of trying, 80% of California High School graduates that attend Cal State University Schools need remedial English and/or Math; you should be aware of the odds before accumulating enormous debt that the other government workers will want you to support exploiting your friends, relatives, neighbors and fellow citizens through higher taxes, which of course insures the guaranteed lifetime incomes of the bureaucrats, or public servants as they were called in times past. The American job market hardly offers much encouragement with 94 million Americans completely out of the job market and the lowest worker participation rate since the 1970’s. even with these depressing numbers, the American Welding Society predicts that we will need over 250,000 welders in the next decade add to this the need for pipefitters, electricians, carpenters and other tradesmen, if you are mechanically inclined why not look to a future as a craftsman or builder? I know, the American left has demonized production of any kind but, only when we were productive did the middle class advance, the American left only grudgingly accepts productivity if it will not create any smoke, kick up any dust and is powered by non-existent alternative energy. In fact, the American left has declared productivity of any kind verboten. 41% of each dollar spent by the central government is borrowed from foreign nations. The statistic that college graduates will make one million dollars more than the high school graduate is very misleading in that the pool of people that attend college are more driven, goal orientated, brighter and ambitious than the pool of people that do not attend college and would have outperformed them without the degree. The American job market is further impacted by outsourcing or sending more jobs to foreign countries for cheaper labor and the increased use of part-time workers to avoid the high cost of health care. Make sure college is for you and if you are on a limited budget, get the first two years at your local city college where you could get better instruction and more dedicated instructors. Major colleges are big business that cultivates research dollars and grossly exaggerates success rates.

Janet Napolitano: Attorney General of Arizona 99-03, Pension? Arizona Governor 03-09, Pension? Head of Department of Homeland Security 09-13, Pension? University of California 13-present and surly will get a pension from this gig while she has presided over numerous tuition increases to fund illegal aliens and pension increases for an underfunded system of over $11 billion, to an underfunded program and $150 million deficit for UC Berkeley. As head of Homeland Security, she crafted a terror watch list which included our veterans, if you have relatives that have served, she included them too.

Janet Napolitano, Jerry Brown your college professors and the entire educational bureaucracy are not interested in your wellbeing, they are interested in their own wellbeing and lifetime incomes. If you come out of college with little chance of getting a job or improving your life and owe mountains of debt, that’s your problem, if you come out of college anti-American, and good little globalist lemming then, they have done what they set out to do.

As if that was not enough, Mark Yudoff was Chancellor of the UC system for seven, count them, 7 one more than six grueling years and retired on a lifetime income of $347,000. That job was not eliminated so someone else will take over with at least that salary or more for the next seven years and what about all of the previous years of this job? How many more at that price? For you to have a pension this size, you would have to have over eight million dollars paying 4% yet, your tuition and taxes indemnify thousands of government workers for the rest of their lives. Over 5,400 UC bureaucrats receive annual pensions of over $100,000 with some pulling down pensions of over $300,000 in lifetime incomes. These bureaucrats are somewhat more equal than the rest of us. Government school employees are public servants just like all government employees charged with equal treatment of all, including themselves. America faces the most trouble when we stray from the Constitutional mandate of equality.

What has happened in America is the very people we elect and hire to serve the public have abandoned that trust and have instead become greedy self-serving tax parasites feasting on their fellow Americans and somehow believe they are more equal than the sovereign citizens they are charged with serving.

So don’t complain about growing costs, just pony up, you have a vast bureaucracy to feed.

Jim Davis


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