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compromise has a new meaning when dealing with the people we hire to insure our equality and freedom. We are thought from an early age that “compromise” is the civilized way of dealing with others. Our public servants have turned this into a new way of exploitation. We have to look no farther than California, the gold standard for taxpayer exploitation, to prove my point. Article IV sec. 4, of our

Constitution guarantees each state a Republican form of government. Article VI declares the Constitution the “supreme law of the land” and holds all public servants to the Constitution by oath or affirmation. The rights of we the people have not survived well with this practice. One job in California will make the point, this is just one job of thousands. The President of the University of California, Michael Drake with a salary of $849,792.00 for the year, 2021. he is not the only person the taxpayers are paying for this job. Janet Napolitano is paid over $360,000 pension for the seven years she held this position, and was paid $578,916.00 as salary for the years 2017,2018 and 2019. prior to her, Mark Yudof held this position for seven years and retired in 2013 with a pension of over $340,000.00. prior to Yudof, the job was held by Robert Dynes for five years and before him, Richard Atkinson held this job for eight years. This is at least five people the taxpayer is paying for this one job. Only 11% of high school grads are proficient in civics, 89% are not, thank a teacher.

The average income of the American worker, taxpayer, is about $65,000.00. We are forced to pay our retired public servants more to lay around than we can earn working. They are just a lot more equal than we are. California has 140,000 public servants laying around, retired, receiving over $100,000.00 per year.

All tax funded pensions should be limited to the average income of working Americans. After all, these public servants take an oath to insure equality of all Americans, including themselves.

“in questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.” Thomas Jefferson.

Another example of abuse of power is the relentless persecution of Donald Trump by progressive socialists. The latest is by red diaper baby Fani Willis, District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia. The 2020 election prompted the book, “Rigged” by Molly Hemingway about how Mark Zuckerberg, not Donald Trump spent $400 million to influence to outcome of this state. Clinton took $140 million from Russian Oligarchs for her foundation yet, Trump is Accused of collusion by party press, party professors and party loyalists on our payroll. See “Resistance” by Kimberly Strassel.

Don’t sell these progressive socialists or “progs” short, they worship socialism and hate our constitutional republic. We live in the most exciting times in our republic since the Revolution, with the same issues at stake.

This should be the clarion call for all patriots as progs have taken over all branches of the federal government and most state governments. Will we chose citizen sovereignty as our founders intended or, will we chose to join the rest of the world with government sovereignty. Will you stand up for the Republic and stop these tax parasites from using our legal system to persecute political opponents or will you knuckle under? We the people have a responsibility too.

Jim Davis

Prescott, AZ.

The Blue collar scholar

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