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WE the People

We the people….”

“We the people of the United States,” so begins the preamble of our Constitution. Our Constitution is a limitation on the power on the federal government and all public servants who serve we the people. It took a revolutionary war for our 13 colonies to become 13 states, now 50 states, served by the federal government within the limitations of our Constitution, limitations beyond which no person may legally go. Article VI binds all judges and by extension, all public servants to the “Supreme law of the land.”

There can be no doubt that our founders intended to establish a nation where the people were the sovereign and the government the servant. This is also verified in the Deceleration of Independence. Congress selected five members, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin , Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston to write the Deceleration of Independence, to be sent to King George of England, informing him that we were breaking away from English rule and establishing a new form of government.

The first draft of the Deceleration had a scathing rebuke of slavery and was removed by congress because they needed the northern shippers and the southern farmers for unanimous support for the split from England. Not all colonists supported independence but, preferred to remain loyal British subjects.

Justification of the founders “original intent” can be found in many Supreme Court decisions, Chief Justice John Jay, “ the people had acted as” sovereigns of the whole country, and Chief Justice Marshall put it, “ the government of the union is emphatically and truly a government of the people.” History is repeat with similar proclamations from the founders. Something our founders did not or, could not foresee is the socialistic greed that has consumed our “public servants,” we allow them to decide how much we should pay them and for how long and, they have been very generous to themselves with our money. Some of our “public servants” have given themselves three and four pensions or money to not work, while “we the people” struggle to raise our families on about $65,000 a year for working. California, the gold standard for exploiting the tax payer, has over 340,000 public servants retired on over $100,000 per year, is this a great country or what? So much for equal treatment at the hand of government.

It strikes me as Unconstitutional for we the people to be forced to paypeople who swore to serve us and protect our equality more not to work than we can make for our selves working.

Since WWII, the people we pay to insure our freedoms, teach our children and protect our borders, have been complete failures. But, they never miss a pension payment, cost of living increase or bonus. What used to be public servants of we the people, has become greedy self serving tax parasites.

Jim Davis

The Blue Collar Scholar

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