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No on Three

Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence and Nikki Haley

These politicians are one reason blue collar Americans don’t trust the Republican party. All three have at one time called for a reduction in Social Security. This only effects private sector Americans, public servants have carved out a more generous wage, benefit and pension program for themselves.

We the people have negligently permitted our public servants to decide how much we should pay them and for how long. They have been very generous to themselves with our money.

DeSantis may get a pension from his military service and maybe a pension from his short time in the House.

Pence may get a pension for his short time in the House and another pension for his time a Governor and may get one for his time a Vice President.

Haley may get a pension for her time a Governor and may even get one for her short time as Ambassador.

Blue collar Americans have always felt the Republican Party was anti-labor until Trump came along and began to restore productive America and faced the hostility and hatred of Progressive Socialism. They began the process of trying to railroad him since 2015.They are still at it. These politicians have never suggested a cut in public servant pensions and some of these tax-parasites get three or four pensions. The Chinese Communist controlled Stanford University estimates CalPers is over a trillion dollars under funded.

Our public servants are the very people we hire and elect to insure our rights and security. They have failed miserably. We are being invaded daily and our public servants can send them all over the U.S. but can’t send them back across the border they just broke our laws to cross. they have run up over $34 trillion in debt that they admit to.

Want a balanced budget ? We the people need to demand that no public servants, anyone living off our tax dollars can receive a raise, bonus or pension increase until the agency they work for has a balanced budget for two years. And no person shall receive a tax funded pension or pensions that exceed the average income of working Americans. Think about it, why should we be forced to pay someone more to lay around than we the people can make working.

Only when our public servants have to live by the same laws, rules and regulations they impose on us will we return to a representative form of government.

Jim Davis

The Blue Collar Scholar

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