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Thugs have been used by revolutionaries, traitors, fifth columnists and subversives since time began. Some will have high sounding names but all are just everyday run of the mill, garden variety thugs. They are for sale, have no values and are simply tools used by the highest bidder.

National Socialists used thugs in 1920’s Germany called Brown Shirts only to turn on them later in the “night of the long knives” thugs were used by the Communist socialists in Russia and used by the Fascist Socialists in Italy and are now being used by Progressive Socialists in the U.S. don’t sell them short, they want our sovereignty.

Elitists in America are now employing such thugs to disrupt our society and move our nation away from individual rights and citizen sovereignty and join a socialist world under a global society. Authoritarian rule is one hundred eighty degrees from individual rights and personal freedom, you can be a good socialist or you can be a good American but, you can’t be a good socialist American, the two are polar opposites.

Just who are the elites in America? They are many starting with the very wealthy in Hollywood dominated by progressive socialists that hate equality while loving the favoritism of one party rule as in California with tax favors for the rich entertainment industry made possible by the Unconstitutional progressive tax system we have in place in America. Tax exempt while supporting thugs.

Party professors in Liberal Arts Colleges indoctrinating young minds with great effectiveness as current events have shown, they teach our teachers and have been teaching the false promise of socialism since the 70’s while ignoring or outright lying about the history of the establishment of the United States. As the schools think today, the government will think tomorrow.

The uber rich corporate elites have now come out in support of authoritarianism and against individual rights and personal freedom. Corporations love oligarchy, they only have one political party to buy and oligarchies promote monopoly.

Party Press or corporate press, as all media is controlled by global corporations and corporate interests come first even at the expense of the truth. All corporate employees (reporters) are educated or indoctrinated in colleges dominated by progressive socialist professors and like the general public, only about 11% are proficient in civics and have no idea about the establishment of citizen sovereignty in America. One has only to look at the “paper of record” the New York Times or America’s Pravda and Walter Duranty the communist lackey who won the global socialist writing prize, The Pulitzer Prize for his lies and glorification of the communist revolution in Russia in 1918, this writer was proven to be a liar and propagandist yet the NYT still proudly displays this socialist piece of tin in the home office in New York, this paper is nothing more than a fish wrapper and should only be used to line the bottom of bird cages. Bari Weiss recently resigned from this rag, and was brought in three years ago under the pretext of bringing in another point of view for the readers of this fish wrapper, herself a progressive socialist, only to be attacked, harassed and demeaned by socialist loyalist in the company. You see, global socialism is the goal, not the truth with this corporation. The same is true for all media corporations, including Fox where some are good but most are devoted progressive socialist. Party Press loyalists ape the dogma that these riots are “mostly peaceful” as hundreds of police are injured and killed, billions of dollars of private and public property is destroyed and stolen, American history is eradicated and scores of people are assaulted but according to the news corporations it’s ”mostly peaceful.”

News personalities working for these global corporations are paid millions of dollars to convince struggling Americans “we are all in this together.”

Party loyalists …. Progressive Socialist Democratic Party (PSD). In 1969 the Democratic Party was seemingly taken over by the Communist group The Weather Underground, led by Obama pal Bill Ayers. This was a good dodge for Americas’ Progressive Socialists as they had the same goals of authoritarian government but also controlled the communists. If you are a democrat and call yourself a Christian, how do you justify fetus killing as life is supposed to be the most valuable thing to a Christian. Progressive Socialists have been killing fetuses for years. Fetus killing clinics kill more black Americans than all the thugs in our nation.

No longer do we have political debate between opposing opinions as to how to serve a Constitutional Republic. Now, we have open hatred and confrontation from Progressive Socialists imposing authoritarian rule for our limited form of government established to serve individual rights and personal freedom. Public servants in America take an oath of office to protect and defend our Constitutional rights and after election, work diligently to deny free speech, free association and self-defense.

The most egregious offenders of this oath are people like Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, where progressive socialist thugs were unable to destroy a statue of Christopher Columbus after attacking police who were assigned to protect it. Lightfoot had it removed in the middle of the night with no rocks or bottles thrown but the statue is gone. Lori Lightfoot has the form of government she wants for Chicago, she could change it if she wanted to but she is happy with the murders and crime of this city.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, sent over 5700 old people to certain death before public outrage demanded equal protection for nursing home victims. Cuomo got millions from the federal government and yet has nothing but criticism for Trump. Cuomo and de Blasio have the form of government they want for New York.

Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, OR. With almost two months of daily riots, where thugs barricaded the entrance to a federal building with people inside, set this building on fire, attempted murder, all with the support of Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, younger sister to Gerry Brown of California. Portland Oregon has the form of government Wheeler and Brown want, they could change it if they wanted to.

This list could go on and on with the inclusion of Newsom and Garcetti of California, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington and Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle, same in Michigan and Illinois. All of these public servants are 5th columnists determined to replace citizen sovereignty and our nation of laws with authoritarian socialism. Progressive Socialists believe they have indoctrinated enough of our youth to overthrow this Constitutional Republic, we are in a civil war and they are after our sovereignty.

Fight for it now or loss it now, you can vote your way into socialism but you will have to shoot your way out. Don’t sell your democratic acquaintances short, they want your freedom.

Riots were already planned for our nation to protest the June 1 opening of the economy. Progressive Socialists did not want to change the situation of forty million Americans out of work in the hopes that this would turn supporters against Trump. George Floyd happened at the right time to propel the thugs. Nothing was going to stop the riots and looting even the murder charges against the police.

In Georgia, a drunk, passed out black man was blocking the drive thru of a restaurant and the police were called and he was shot while resisting arrest and fleeing. “Mostly Peaceful” Rioters burned the restaurant to the ground and blocked the freeway thru the city for hours imprisoning thousands falsely. Only the police were charged. Another 5th columnist mayor, the civil war is on.

Jim Davis


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