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self serving public servants tax-parasites response to TNA articles

In re: “Top Brass not Above the Law,” 5/24/21 and the response, “Retired Top Brass have a Right to Free Speech.”

One is tempted to take the bait and side with one or the other of these public servants and follow a debate that will go nowhere and mislead us from the real discussion which is what is the duty owed to we the people of the United States by the public servants we elect or hire to protect and defend our Constitutional Rights. Think about it, our Constitution begins with “We the people” in large bold letters and our Declaration of Independence forms the “original intent” of our Constitution by declaring the citizen the sovereign and the government the servant and protector of god given rights. Yet, we are excluded from any discussion regarding duty owed to us by our public servants, in fact, we allow them to decide how much we must pay them and for how long and they have been very generous to themselves with our money. According to “Open the” the federal employees budget is $175 billion, state public servants have been equally generous to themselves. The average federal employee has given themselves 44 days of paid time off, that's 11 holidays, 13 sick days and 20 vacation days, state public servants have been equally generous to themselves with our money, with California being the gold standard for exploiting the taxpayer. The average income of working Americans is about $69,000, much of the time with no benefits, yet the fat assed generals mentioned in the above article get around $250,000 lifetime income complete with benefits, extorted from we the people with the jack-boot of government on our necks. How much can you afford to give yourself and family?

Hyde gives it away with the statement, “Not all laws that are constitutional are necessarily wise.” spoken like a true progressive socialist or prog. People we hire or elect do not gain some pristine wisdom by getting on the public payroll, that is why we demand an oath to the constitution by all of them. Not all laws passed are constitutional but, few are challenged, government pension laws stink of inequality and could not withstand a challenge to a full constitutional court.

When the communist Chinese unleashed the Wuhan virus onto the world in an effort to help American Progs unseat Trump, 30 million private sector Americans lost their jobs, the federal government hired 12,000. only elites were discussing this transformation into the abyss of socialism while not losing a penny.

Just what is the duty owed under our constitution? Keep in mind our Constitution is a limitation of power, not a grant of power. Article 1 sec. 8 defines the duties of congress and things not listed are prohibited to them by the 9th Amendment. One of many violations of our “supreme law of the land” is the general welfare of the United States. Which is not the specific welfare of any individual or group of individuals because to do so would violate the sovereignty of all citizens not covered and defies the duty of equal treatment. Another egregious violation by state public servants is Article1 sec. 10, “No state shall………...make any thing but gold or silver coin a tender in payment of debts; inserted into the Constitution by Roger Sherman to guarantee our money and the state public servants failed miserably in protecting this clause. States may not legally accept unsecured federal reserve notes as payment of any thing, they have the power but not the right. Another attack on states rights starting long ago by progs, or progressive socialists. So leaving the decision to public servants has not worked out well for we the people. If you have doubts at to your duty in our Republic, I would suggest you read “What Degree of Madness?” by Joe Wolverton that also points out one of our first lying progs in Daniel Webster.

Another failure of the representatives of we the people was the Panama Canal give away, the American people objected to this give away so much that congress polled the public and the result was nine to one against this shameful squandering of our power and money. France started this project and failed, the U. S. took it over and completed it, our labor our equipment and our money. This canal controls enormous amounts of commerce. “We the people” created states from colonies and our state representatives created the federal government with limitations of power as defined by the Constitution. The federal administrative branch, the congressional branch and the judicial branch are all governed by these limitations. Progs or progressive socialists have dominated the senior executive service of the federal government, see TNA 6/4/2018, “They decide what government does.” Progs dominate the privileged news corporations, see Veazie Bank v. Fenno, 8 Wall. 533, L. ed 482, Pollock v. Farmers Loan and Trust, 157 U.S. 429, Brushaber v. Union Pacific, 240 U. S. 1, and which establish that corporations are a creation of the state, citizens are not, in fact, states are a creation of we the people.

Jefferson said long ago, when public servants are paid by something other than the fruits of the people (productivity) the roll of master and servant are reversed. The creature, gov. is now in charge of the creator, we the people. When will we hold them to Their Oath?” 1/21/201`9, by JBS stalwart John F. McManus, pole vaults over the problem as does all writers. The oath demands equal treatment of all sovereign citizens by these very people who have deemed themselves more equal than we the people, the animal farm is here and now. The Deceleration of Independence offers the “ original intent” the Constitution sets the boundaries of our representative government.

The two retired officers that are the subject of this discussion have never prosecuted a Constitutional war, only wars the people who control our government have no intention of winning. Korea taught us to compromise with communism and Viet Nam taught us to surrender to communism. Do we really want to pay lifetime incomes for this?

The measure is not who is right or wrong in the discussion of duties owed, but, who is constitutional. Just which person is following the mandate of we the people.

Progs dominate every branch of our governments, one has only to look at the 2020 election and see the arrogant misuse of power in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and other states. Arizona just finished an audit of the past election and the State Senate President, Karen Fann reported many irregularities while the party press reported no discrepancies found. Trump had a rally in Arizona and thousands of enthusiastic supporters attended, Biden would hold a rally and it looked like a Kamikaze pilot reunion. I believe the 2020 election was rigged which gave us a dotting old fool and a horse laughing incompetent for an illegitimate President and Vice President.

1.3,981 individuals voted in the Nov. 3, 2020 election who had registered to vote AFTER the 10/15 deadline. These ballots should not be counted.

2. 74,243 mail-in ballots were received in Maricopa County "where there is no clear record of them being sent."

3. 11,326 people voted in the AZ election who did NOT appear on the voter rolls on 11/7 but did show up on the rolls on 12/4.

4.18,000 people voted but were removed from the voter rolls after the election. Why?

5. Thousands of duplicated ballots are missing serial #s, making it impossible to match each one up with its corresponding damaged ballot. If the corresponding #s aren't on there, how would anyone know whether it was duplicated once or 10 times, or more? You wouldn't.

6. Many ballots from Maricopa County were on the wrong paper stock. Where did these come from? But the party press says nothing was found. (1-6 from Harold Stradling, Section/Chapter leader AZ.)

Many court battles are still in process in the states mentioned regarding the crooked election and may or may not pan out as the courts are dominated by progs as well.

This is not a battle between capitalism and socialism as we are indoctrinated by elitists and the party press but, a battle between citizen sovereignty and government sovereignty. You must decide.

We the people can no longer set back and allow a pack of greedy self-serving tax parasites to control our nation and foreign policy. We must stand and deliver if we intend to remain a Constitutional Republic. Become active in local as well as state and federal political affairs and recall or vote against all who refuse to serve we the people, no slight must go unpunished.

We are being invaded on our southern border with the approval of the progs in control Washington. Now Progressive Socialists want amnesty for 30 or 40 million people living in the U. S. illegally, what about a Quid Pro Quo with Mexico, for every Mexican we extend the privilege of U. S. citizenship to, Mexico must grant full citizenship to an American citizen with full voting rights, let us have the same political impact on Mexican politics as they are having on our politics. Congress should also put a 90 day moratorium on the $32 billion sent in remittances to Mexico, about $58 billion to all of Latin America, and a 25% tax on all remittances thereafter. This should encourage these nations to help stem the flow of invaders. Change their laws not ours.

Our nation is the preferred destination of millions of people around the globe from all other nations, we should be promoting citizen sovereignty in all nations and promote one free world, not a global socialist world. We should start with our neighbors, Mexico is riddled with a drug civil war which may be induced with our own CIA, and Canada our neighbor to the north. Also we should assist the people of Cuba to establish a free government. I visited Cuba in 2015 to see the “workers paradise” created by communist socialism.

We must reestablish citizen sovereignty here in the U. S. and then aggressively promote citizen sovereignty around what should be one free world. Don’t sit back, socialism has been attacking our sovereignty since the beginning of our nation, fight back go on the offensive, make the authoritarians defend the undefinsable.

Returning greed self serving tax parasites back into public servants will be a difficult task

because we all know or are related to someone exploiting the taxpayer but, it must be done if we are to return to our Constitutional Republic and enjoy the public service of our government employees, in fact, changing this condition will be like taking a side of beef away from a pack of hungry rottweilers.

Jim Davis

The Blue Collar Scholar

Prescott, AZ.

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