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Article V, Constitutional Convention, Balanced Budget Amendment.

Why are so many Americans willing to risk citizen sovereignty in an open Constitutional Convention? Progressive Socialists control all three branches of our federal government and every large state government.

Since our founders blessed us with our Constitutional Republic in 1787, followed by the first ten amendments, or the “Bill of Rights” ratified December 15, 1791. Our public servants or representatives of “we the people” have added sixteen more amendments since 1791. None of these amendments required a national convention.

Imagine opening up our Constitution to the predominant socialist mind of today's’ young Americans. Any student victimized by a “liberal arts degree” is completely ignorant of the virtues of citizen sovereignty, 11% of high school grads entering college are proficient in civics, 89% are not, thank a teacher.

No freedom loving American should want to risk citizen sovereignty with an open convention to change our Constitution our public servants ignore anyway. Forcing compliance to the oath our government workers take or should take (see Art. VI ) should be the goal of a representative form of government.

Our public servants must live by the same laws, rules and regulations they force us to live by.

Amending the Constitution may be necessary to achieve a balanced budget but it will only work if we the people limit raises and benefit increases to our public servants until they have balanced the budget for two years running and no person receiving a tax funded (directly or indirectly) pension or pensions (some people receive three or four) that would exceed the average income of the American worker. We the people should never be forced to pay anyone more to not work than we the people can make working. Up until now we have allowed our public servants to decide how much we pay them for wages and benefits and they have been very generous to themselves with our tax dollars. When it comes to getting government funds, they treat themselves more equal than we the people. We pay them to serve we the people, not exploit we the people. Public servants have completely insulated themselves from the fluctuations of the economy we have put them in charge of, we need to change this. Living up to your Constitutional oath and protecting equality just doesn't pay as well as betraying we the people. For the politically comatose a good example would be Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the tax funded NIH, a bureaucracy his wife also works for and they have plans to retire this year (2022) and are expected to get over $700,000, ten times the average income of we the people who will be forced to pay for this. And this is repeated a million times over by public servants. Just a bit more equal than we the people.

One word can describe the socialist abyss that is Washington D. C. GREED.

Jim Davis

The Blue Collar Scholar

Prescott, AZ

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