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America, what a nation of fools, as we sit back and watch our public servants sell us and our sovereignty down the river. Don’t know what citizen sovereignty is ? Thank a teacher.

Regardless of what you have been taught by the party professors, there is only two forms of government, citizen sovereignty and government sovereignty. Government sovereignty has ruled the world for the most part since time began, whether by tribal chief, king or dictator, or religious political leader. Romans tried a Republican form of government with people rule over five thousand years ago but, it succumbed to greed and self-service. Democracy is not people rule, democracy is mob rule.

The many forms of government are created by party professors as each new political designation will require a new department complete with high paying department head and large staff all with guaranteed lifetime incomes. Greed.

The word Democracy is not to be found in our Declaration of Independence, the “original intent” of our founders, nor our Constitution.

American children are no longer taught that the citizen is the sovereign. Our Constitutional Republic is in danger of succumbing to the same greed and self-service as did the Roman Empire.

Accept if you will the premise that Progressive Socialism is a real and long standing political movement in our United States of America, well funded, well organized and extremely powerful. Progressive Socialism or progs, took over the Democratic Party in the 60’s and 70’s with the street work of communists such as the Weather Underground. One of the leaders was the communist Bill Ayers, pal of Barack Obama, a domestic terrorist as was all Weather Underground were and still are. Most of the leaders of the Weathermen went into education (indoctrination) and many are retired on our nickel at this time.

The Weather underground; a history

See the Documentary, “The Weather Underground” by Sam Green and Bill Siegel.

Why bring up the Weathermen ? Because they are still hear, subverting, and influencing our political agenda and still terrorists. All unrepentant, many on our payroll. They have taken over our colleges and universities, they teach our teachers and run the teachers unions and the department of education. Brain washing our youth from pre-school thru college.

Unless you have been victimized by a liberal arts degree thus a prog clone, freedom loving Americans will find this discussion interesting.

Jerrold M. Post, another “scholar” in his book,”The Mind of the Terrorist” misleads his readers by suggesting the weathermen was an ad hoc movement and after claiming 25 bombings, faded away after the Vietnam war ended. pg. 104. nothing could be farther from the truth, from the mouth of Mark Rudd, “ we wanted to become a communist cadre” and moved into the college and teaching and indoctrination of America’s youth. They have done a remarkable job as socialism and communism are more accepted in this nation than the foundation of individual rights and personal freedom. Don’t sell these progs short, they are dedicated to undermining our sovereignty. Party professors, party press and the privileged party corporations, citizens have rights, corporations have privileges. We the people created congress, congress created corporations, corporations bought off the congress. Now they are unregulated, censor our citizens and force authoritarian rule over any person not buying prog dogma.

Bill Ayers: came from a well to do family, father was head of Con Ed. Illinois, Ayers wrote “Guilty as Hell, Free as a Bird” wishes he had done more professes to be “small cell communist” one of the planners of the bombing of the NCO graduation celebration at Ft. Dix on March 6,1970, the bomb for this terrorist strike was being built in a town home in N. Y. by Theodore Gold, Terry Robins and Ayers’ girlfriend at the time, Wealthy Dianne Oughton, sorry Ayers was not their, the amateur bomb builders made a mistake and the bomb went off, destroying the town home and killing all three. Notice if you will that they were planning a strike on the NCO club not the Officers’ club, striking at the very people they and all communists claim to represent. Ayers went on to become a professor at University of Illinois and indoctrinator of American youth.

Bernadine Dohrn: secretary of the SDS which was against the war in Vietnam, had hundreds of thousands of college student followers and with her help, this group was hijacked by the weathermen and turned into the terrorist organization committed to becoming communist contra. She too came from a well to do family as did many of the weathermen, well funded during the fugitive years. Like Ayers, Dohrn was not prosecuted by “our” FBI which is understandable since we have learned what the FBI truly is. Dohrn became a teacher, indoctrinator, at Northwestern Law School, lived in Chicago, married Bill Ayers, had two children and Barack Obama launched his political carrier in the Ayers, Dohrn living room. They also raised the son of fellow weathermen, David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, both in prison convicted on three counts of second degree murder for the 1981 armored car robbery and killing of one of the guards and two policemen. Kathy Boudin was paroled in 2003 and became a professor at Columbia University. Borodin's father was the communist lawyer Leonard Boudin. Another criminal indicted but never tried in the same Black Liberation Army 1981 armored car robbery and murders was, Susan Rosenberg because she had already received a 58 year sentence for other crimes, she went on to teach a class at Hamilton College where the rich establishment send their children. Rosenberg was pardoned by Bill Clinton at the request of none other than the penguin, Jerry Nadler the prog congressman that lied about the hoax, Trump Russia connection. David Gilbert was serving a 75 year sentence for his multiple murder convictions and was just recommended for parole by disgraced New York Governor and party loyalist Andrew Cuomo famous for killing grannies and slapping fannies. The Weathermen were children of the establishment they professed to hate and want to change only to become the establishment of today as they work tirelessly to bring America into the global socialist community.

Chesa Bouden, son of David Gilbert and Kathy Bouden and raised by Ayers and Dohrn, before Boudin went to law school he lived in Venezuela and served as a translator for then-President Hugo Chavez. With the help of globalist George Soros, he became the District Attorney of San Francisco.

Other terrorists, Mark Rudd became a math teacher at a Community College in Albuquerque New Mexico, others still unrepentant, moved into other progressive socialist activities. I believe progressive socialist establishment groups like, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Builderburg Group, all well to do elitists fund and protect from prosecution, militant establishment groups like the Weathermen, Marxist lead Black Lives Matter and the fascist group Antifa. All presenting a united front against our Constitutional Republic and the individual rights and personal freedoms it guarantees.

Progs now believe they have indoctrinated enough young American minds into socialism that it is time to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. Only a nation of fools would allow this to happen. You must be more active than our enemy. Our Constitution offers many ways to restore this document to the “Supreme law of the land” as was intended by our founders, they may not be as flashy as going to the streets but are more effective and orderly in the long run. Honest elections are a must as we witnessed the failure of public servants in the 2020 railroad job and court challenges that are still going on as a party press tells us nothing was found, facts dispute this propaganda. 11% of high school graduates are proficient in civics, 89% are not, thank a teacher! From local school boards to the presidency, you must become active in honest elections, recalls, and impeachments. We are not dealing with fools as the party press likes to call them. Don’t sell them short they are traitors and have been working to subvert our Constitutional Republic for longer than we have been alive. City and State officials are bound by the same oath of office as the feds, see Article VI.

Our Constitution requires all public servants to pledge allegiance to this document, the same people we pay to secure and protect our liberties have become enemies to our liberties. Take notice if you will that our public servants have set themselves apart from we the people with the pension program they have established for themselves as compared to the pension program they have established for we the people, namely Social Security, they are always threatening to cut, as the tent revival preachers of the 30’s, hang people over hell by a tread and threaten to cut that, never mentioning public servant pensions as if they cost nothing, with many of these public servants or tax parasites receiving as many as four of five tax funded pensions. No public servant should ever be permitted to receive any pension or pensions that exceed the average income of working Americans which is about $65,000 per year, think about it, why should you be forced to pay someone not to work more than you can make working? In the documentary discussed above, it showed the Attorney General of California a Republican and tax parasite, Evelle Younger who was in line to get five tax funded pensions at that time, just a little more equal than the rest of us. My enemy, my friend.

A nation of fools.


Nothing exposes the incompetence or treasonous behavour of Joe Biden, our illegitimate president more than the surrender in Afghanistan. This invasion was started under the CIA and globalist George Bush to find Osama Bin Laden, former employee of this nation’s CIA during Russia’s failed invasion of this country. More on the CIA. Opium. Vietnam, Opium, Latin America, cocaine, at another time. Read “Seeds of Terror” by Gretchen Peters.

On August 31, 2021, an angry, bellicose Biden lectured Americans on how he and his handlers conducted the surrender in Afghanistan. Stating that “the buck stops here” he once again blamed Trump and by extension all his supporters for his humiliating withdrawal.

“The Graveyard of Empires” all of the people we pay to run this government never failed to tell us how foolish it would be to invade Afghanistan. From Alexander the Great, Genghis Kan, the English, Russia and now the U.S. all have failed. Our fighting forces never let us down, they were stabbed in the back by the people that control our government. Including generals we are forced to pay over $250,000.000 per year to for the rest of their lives. Mark Milley, the general in charge was too busy following prog dogma and condemning white supremacy and CRT as he abandoned the troops under his command. Maybe he was being fitted for a nice dress along with Mattis, another sell out. Milley should be court marshaled and tried for abandoning his troops, not allowed to retire on a quarter million dollars, I don’t want to pay this vermin a nickel. Some elites in the media and party press are calling for Milley and others in the Pentagon to resign, a foolish request, they would chance losing a quarter of a million dollars a year for the rest of their lives, not going to happen, loyalty is bought by the progs running our government with our tax dollars that fund great salaries, and benefits and lifetime incomes. Open your eyes, the last war our nation entered with the intention of winning was the Second World World war. These overpaid generals have never lead our fine and formidable fighting force to victory in their lifetimes, Korea thought us to compromise with communism, Vietnam thought us to surrender to communism and now Afghanistan is teaching us to surrender to just about anyone. How proud can you be of military leaders that dishonor our heritage, our flag the symbol of individual right and personal freedom and abandon our troops. Progs use public servant pensions to buy loyalty or silence for what has become treasonous behavior. Our tax dollars are used to undermine our nation.

Private sector Americans are left out. Just not as equal as those we hire to protect our equality and individual rights.

Whether Al-Quada, Taliban, ISIS, ISIS-K or EL-Shebob in Africa, they all have one common bond, they are islamists working on a world caliphate and against our dedication to individual rights. They control Afghanistan. Any “refugees “sent to the U.S. by these heartless killers will by Taliban also to help undermine our culture, heritage and civil order as the southern invasion is doing.

The Afghani Army, 200,000 strong as we are told by the Biden Regime, twenty years in the making and turned tail and run after the Biden Regime surrender. How many were sent by Islamist's to be trained, equipped and armed by America, only to abandon service and undermine our servicemen?

Progressive socialist Democrats and Republicans are using foreign invaders from the south, now Taliban from the east, communist Black lives matter domestic terrorists, Fascist Antifa thugs, the elite entertainment industry, including athletic entertainers to undermine individual rights and liberties. They are attacking American culture our morale values and christian heritage. Progs have injected politics into every aspect of our lives. Stand up now or join the socialists world.

Party Press:

let’s start with The New York Times, the fish wrapper corporate employees refer to as the “paper of record.” I refer to it as America’s Pravda. Unwavering support for global communism since the Bolshevik Revolution and the lies of Walter Duranty extolling the virtues of communism while the soviet people were starving. To todays pack of lying employees about Trump Russia and the new prog dogma, the 1619 project.


controlled by party loyalist billionaire Jeff Zucker who dedicated his privileged corporation to trashing, lying and smearing Trump and his supporters.

ABC, CBS, NBC and all of the affiliates of these corporations worked hand in hand with the FBI, CIA and senior executive services of our government to lie about Russia/ Trump and cover up the fraudulent 2020 election.


Fired Lou Dobbs for his refusal to stop reporting on the fraudulent 2020 election. It is reported that James Murdoch contributed $20 million to defeat Trump.

The richest man in the world, party loyalist, Jeff Bezos bought the Washington post to promote leftist dogma.

Progs, communists and fascist and elitists are uber rich well organized and want your sovereignty. You won’t know what you have lost until it is gone. Stand up now challenge any deviation from our Constitution. Challenge your public servants to fulfill their oath of office that they took or should have taken. Unlike the progs, we must use the peaceful methods provided by our Constitution. Fight now or join the global socialist community.

Jim Davis

The Blue Collar Scholar


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