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Public Service, The Deep State

We may never know how badly Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in the 2020 election. What we do know is for the first time in American history, eight U. S. Senators and 139 House of Representative members voted against certifying the election. This was January 6th and the riot destroyed any objection to the election. Book after book is written about our public servants with lots of individual criticism but none for the system until now, see “Not Accountable” by Philip K. Howard and, “Unaccountable” by Marty Makary MD” for a start.

In the U S, we permit representative government within the limits of the Constitution. These are the people we hire, elect and appoint to protect and defend our liberties our equality our culture and our nation. We also permit them to decide how much we pay them and they have been very generous to themselves with our money. Public servants make about 41% more than the private sector worker they represent and serve. They also give themselves better benefits and pensions. California has over 300,000 public servants retired on over $100,000 per year, the average income of the American worker is about $70,000. It takes about 20 private sector workers to pay enough taxes to fund one public servant. According to Stanford University, CAL pers has one trillion-dollar underfunded liability. We should never be forced to pay our retired public servants more to set around and do nothing than we can make working. If we the people are forced to pay you more money to lie around than we can make working then, you are no longer a public servant, you are a tax parasite. And, you are unconstitutionally exploiting your fellow citizens, the very people you took an oath to insure equal treatment. Some public servants get three and four tax funded pensions, two are not uncommon. I guess they are just “more equal.” Want to know what the “Deep State” is that so many are talking about, this is it, the government against the people, Democrat, Republican, Communist, Progressive Socialist, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, if they are hired to serve we the people they are unified in wage and pension exploitation of the American tax-payer. When public servants are paid with something other than the productivity of we the people then, the role of master servant is reversed. Public servants take an oath to treat every sovereign citizen of the U.S. the same. Public servants are paid to serve the public not, exploit them.

California, the federal government and colleges are the gold standard for tax-payer exploitation. With all these tax parasites feasting on our money, very little is going to change by them because any change may upset the gravy train. Changing this inequity will be difficult about as difficult as taking a side of beef away from a pack of hungry rototillers. But it must be done to return America to a representative form of government. Our representatives and public servants must be forced to live by the same laws, rules and regulations they impose on we the people. And, we must start with wages and pensions.

In 1981 Reagan said “the government is the problem.” How many more exorbitant wages and pensions have we been forced to pay for since then? 

Want a balanced budget? Pass a law that prohibits raises or benefit increases for any tax funded agency until they have a balanced budget. This is only common sense, no business on the planet gives raises to incompetent management. And no pension or pensions that exceed the average wage of the American taxpayer. Rember we the people…..we hire public servants to insure equality and protect our nation.

 What’s happening on our southern border is treason and has been since 1986. These tax-parasites have allowed at least 50 million invaders to come to our country. Everything these exploiters tell us is a lie. In 2005, Bush allowed 2.5 million invaders into the U.S. border security would save over 2000 innocent American lives that are killed each year by illegal aliens in this nation driving under the influence. Public servants have really disgraced themselves in protecting we the people from invasion. An alarming number of Chinese Nationals have be caught at the border along with people on the terrorist watchlist, we already have over 350,000 Chinese Communist student spies in our colleges now. Biden has everything he needs to protect our borders but will power.

“As the schools think today, the government will think tomorrow,” Jefferson

What is happening in our colleges is an outrage. The Islamic takeover of the schools has been encouraged by the administration and professors. All progressive socialists, all anti-American. Islamists accuse 15 million jews of genocide of 2.2 billion Islamists and you call yourselves educated. Teachers and professors are public servants too, they are paid by our tax dollars and colleges have carved out a generous portion for themselves.

Let’s look at one school among thousands in this nation, the University of California president.

Janet Napolitano 7 years over $300K retired,  Mark Yudof 7 years over $300K, Robert Dynes 5 years pension unknown, Richard Atkinson 8 years pension unknown. These are just the people we pay not to do the job, just lay around doing nothing and we pay Michael Drake $849 a year to do the job. Over one fourth of Californias’ budget comes from the federal government.

A nation “of, by and for the people,”  Right.

Jim Davis

The Blue-collar Scholar




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