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Sunday morning, 11/21/21 Fox News Corporation presents Media Buzz, hosted by multi-millionaire, elitist, Howard Kurtz. Kurtz presents weekly events and his defense of what is called journalism today. One hot topic of the week was the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse who was charged with the murder of two of three felons who were attacking him.

Kurtz offers that Rittenhouse acted “unwisely” for entering the streets of Kenosha Wi. That night or for even going out at all. Kutz and the party press act as if the streets Rittenhouse entered that night were normal and routine. Kenosha streets were full of insurrectionists, rioters, looters and other criminals blending in with some protesters that were protesting the death of a young black man with a criminal record, killed while resisting arrest. This has been the spark that has ignited rioting, looting, murder and insurrection for the past forty years in America, carried out by well funded members of the designated victim groups of progressive socialists or progs. Kurtz and the party press never question the wisdom of murder, riots, looting attacks on innocent people distraction of property amounting to billions of dollars and destruction of life and futures of Americans of all races creeds and ethnicities. The well funded Marxists inspired BLM, the antifa fascists want to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and replace it with an authoritarian socialist government, the very definition of insurrection.

In our nation, citizens have rights, corporations have privileges and are created by congress and must be controlled by congress. Progressive socialists or “progs” dominate the corporate press and corporate social media, facebook, twitter and google all owned and controlled by uber-rich progs with bags of money to buy the congressmen charged with the duty to control corporations. This is a revolting situation, why aren't you? There are no small infractions of our Constitution, all are assaults on citizen sovereignty.

Jim Davis the blue collar scholar

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