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Federal sellout

Illegal Immigration

The Assault on America’s Border

The problem Congress Refuses to Solve

In 1986, congress passed the first amnesty bill with the promise to secure our borders.

Congress and the party press told us that about 750,000 illegal aliens were living in the U.S. As it turned out, over 5 million people were living here and over 3 million applied for citizenship with the remainder refusing citizenship and preferring to exploit America’s generosity. Both controlling parties in congress created the problem we have today and neither party has any intention of doing anything about it. Our borders become more porous every day with hundreds of thousands of foreigners pouring over the border each and every day, and the federal government and the party press, under the control of progressive socialists (progs) have told us for twenty five years that 11 million people are in the nation illegally, what a pack of lies.

President Bush sucked up to the border invaders while governor of Texas and enjoyed large support from both legal and illegal residents suggesting a large number of illegals vote in our very loose elections. Obama did the same thing and could have passed so called reform in his first two years with the progs (progressive socialists) controlling both houses of Congress, they did nothing. They did give us DACA and all the unaccompanied minors and families breaching our borders today will be used by the progs as future bargaining chips to further break down our defenses. DACA exists because congress refuses to enforce our laws. The invasion of our borders is well planned, well funded, long term and supported by sellout congressmen, the U.S. chamber of commerce, the corporate media and the corporate churches and progressive socialists (progs) in America….

“a peaceful mass of people, hardworking carries out slowly and patiently an unstoppable invasion (italics mine) the most important in human history. You cannot give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave by an antlike multitude, stubborn, unarmed and carried out in the face of the most powerful and best armed nation on earth. The result of the migration is to return the land to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.”

Carlos Loret de Mola Excelsior Mexico City 1982.

“We may not overcome but we will overwhelm.” Joe Sanchez

“I proudly affirm that the Mexican Nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and Mexican migrants are an important part of it.” Zidillo 7/27/1997

“Prop 187 was the last gasp of white California” Art Torres chairman, California Democratic party 3/27/1995.

“in five years Hispanics will be the majority population of California and control all agencies, anyone not agreeing should go back to Europe.” Mario Lbledo Medef June 1998

Still don’t think we are being invaded by Mexico? Read their own words, Mexicans think it is. Only a fool refuses to listen. Of course this rhetoric has been softened of late as some real Americans have shown a remarkable flash of patriotism and have objected to the display of Mexican flags at rallies and Mexican flags run up flag poles in California schools during the Cinco de Mayo (beer holiday) celebrations.

Since the last amnesty (1986) we have had Republican Presidents with Republican congress and Democratic Presidents with Democratic congress with the political power to change the immigration laws with no significant change, the people in control of our government have no intention of making this change. Congress is controlled by powerful, wealthy and greedy privileged corporations.

Our congress is charged with the duty to control corporations. Congress is bought and paid for by the uber rich corporations, citizens have rights, corporations have privileges. Congress has failed miserably in performing this delegated authority. Even the U.S. Chamber if Commerce is pro-crime when it comes to border security, they demand the cheap, controllable help for business. Any job that can’t be exported must be manned by cheap, controllable illegal help, blue-collar Americans must be destroyed for a socialist state.

March 2, 2021, an SUV with 25 illegal aliens crammed inside collided with a tractor-trailer, killing 13 of the 25 this is the fault of progs (progressive-socialist) congressmen, these deaths are on your head. Over 20’00 Americans are killed each and every year by people in this nation driving under the influence, a completely preventable crime, some have been deported as many as nine times, if you are a prog congressmen that supports the border invasion, then you are responsible for these deaths.

Am I the only one that thinks that if we are the preferred destination of millions of desperate people from Mexico and Latin America, why change our laws? Change the laws in Mexico and Latin America. We have a vested interest in this change. The border invasion is a Clear and Present danger to our Constitutional Republic.

Quid-Pro-Quo; what about for every Mexican in the U. S. illegally that we give citizenship to, Mexico also gives citizenship to a like number of Americans starting with the Americans living in Mexico, complete with voting rights and all citizen rights natural born Mexicans have. Let us have the same political impact in Mexico that Mexicans are having in America.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and the late Senator John McCain of Arizona were all advocates of amnesty to undermine blue-collar Americans. The foul tempered McCain has passed but all lied about border security by simply ignoring our laws. All were in the pocket of corporate America, and these old tax parasites have been in power since Christ was a kid.

The Biden regime has opened the border once again after trump was bringing the invasion under control with thousands of minors flooding our borders, future DACA bargining chips, all created by Washington. The Biden family has made millions dealing with Communist China, Ukraine and Afghanistan, is it too much of a stretch to think they are making millions off the drug and people smuggling cartels?

Just last week, the first week in April, the body of an 8 year old boy was found abandoned in the desert and a video of two girls about five years old were being dropped over the wall and abandoned by the well paid coyotes, wonder what Biden’s cut is ? These were just two we have seen, just what cruelties are these children subjected to? If you have any compassion for humanity this must be stopped now with a return to border security. If the federal government refuses to do it then the states must take charge of this deplorable condition and put a stop to it. Arizona Governor Ducey must reactivate prop. 1070 to protect the people of this state. The states created the federal government, including the Supreme Court, the creator, the people of the states, are superior to the creature, the federal government, which was created by we the people. Follow the dissenting opinion of Scalia, not the majority of progs on the court.

The situation on the southern border is what the federal government wants, if it was not, they would change it as Trump did. Trump was pro American and pro productive America. The first American President to promote American productivity since the second world war.

The federal government, party press and privileged corporations have been telling us, for thirty years, that 11 million people are in our nation illegally. 170,000 temperately stopped at the border in March alone, the true number is more like 30+ million. Stop lying.

Jim Davis


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