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Diplomacy Could Solve the Southern Border Crisis

Our Southern Border is being overrun with illegal border crossings. Custom and Border Protection calls this influx the worse that it has been in 21 years. Illegal border crossings have reached the scale of an unarmed invasion.

Nothing is happening on the border that the people who control our nation in Washington don’t want to happen. This includes people smuggling and drug smuggling.

If our public servants would uphold the oath of office they took or should have taken upon entering public office, Article VI of our Constitution, this condition would not exist. The oath demands public servants protect America and Americans from all enemies both foreign and domestic. We the people are being sold out by the very same people we pay to protect us.

According to the Central Bank of Mexico, they receive over 32 billion dollars each year in remittances from Mexicans living in the United States legally and illegally. This is money siphoned directly off the economy of the U.S. and infused directly into the Mexican economy without being run through the bureaucracy s of either nation, the total amount of remittances sent to all of Latin America is about 58 billion dollars. If we had a pro-American Congress, they would legislate a moratorium or freeze on all remittances from here to Latin America for 90 days and impose a 30% tax on all such remittances here after to help cover the cost of this massive invasion. This should motivate the governments south of our border to slow the flow of the U.S. bound human tide and shoulder some of the responsibility and cost of their citizens fleeing corrupt and drug controlled nations. Why should America always foot the bill?

We are in a crisis and the only Americans hurt by this dereliction of duty is private sector America, as “progs” or progressive socialists have been working against productive Americans since WWII. The Wuhan virus has exposed the deep division in working Americans. Those that pay taxes and those that live off taxes. When the Wuhan virus first hit the U.S. 30 million private sector workers lost their jobs while the federal government hired 12 thousand new employees. No one living off the taxpayer has lost a nickle during this shutdown. Public servants have deemed themselves as “more equal” than the public that pays them.

The subversive and anti-American policies of the Biden Administration are putting exploitable Americans, both North American and Latin Americans at unnecessary risk.

I urge congress to submit legislation on the remittances offered above and while you are at it, where is the Articles of Impeachment for the incompetent and illegitimate person who continues to disgrace the office of President and our nation?

Yours for a Constitutional Republic,

Jim Davis

Prescott, Az.

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